Welcome to Deathstar Star EVENTS PAGE which goes out to over 115Countries and 730 Cities around the World and we have had over 1,115,000 hits. Thank you for supporting us and let other people know about us,  A special Thank You to BFPS RADIO , BBC RADIO WALES, CITY BEAT Belfast, RED FM, SURIA FM, ERA FM, Maya and Lola RTM, XFRESH FM, LIGHT and EASY, LANGKAWI RADIO, QUICKIE 8TV and Newcastle United Football Club.

Deathstar Productions are on a seista, however our bands and friends are not. So here is the latest news on some of them:

BIG GAME have now released their new album SOCIAL ANIMALS for more details go to www.biggame.com.my

Congratulations goes out to LOHAN and CATS IN LOVE for being voted the TOP 5 bands in the ASIAN REGION on CHANNEL (V)!!

FASYLIVE now has a new Album called "VENGEANCE" check them out on www.fasylive.com and see their new video " PAINTED IN BLACK".

ZUBIRA also has an Album entitled " LIKE NEVER BEFORE " check him out at www.myspace.com/zubira

BIG GAME and PAKU are both in the recording studio's recording their own Albums for more details go to www.biggameproductions.com and www.myspace.com/pakuthis.

Here are some more Press Coverage and the latest is in KL LIFESTYLE Magazine a great article written by Christian Narayanan (by the way if you visit KL this is the magazine that you need to get for the Best of everything in KL!!)

Thanks also go out to
Lohan at THE STAR  and Aziz" grave digger" at UTUSAN for their continous support for us.

CONGRATULATIONS !!! To Ben "The CAT" who has got married!!! all the best to you and your wife!!! Portsmouth also beat Manchester United!!! 2-1!!! and also won 2-1 against Liverpool!!



 Deathstar Productions are having a well earnt break at the moment however here are some Press Clippings we have had from KL Lifestyle magazine, ROTTW and UTUSAN. 

We also went to a COOL place KL ASIA JAM in Sri Hartamas KL a good place to be for LIVE MUSIC, where we met up witha few friends and you can check out the following bands at




And for a few of my friends out there the local scenery isnt too bad either!!

We are now back in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and its time to reflect back on what we have done.
So what have we achieved?
Deathstar Productions main AIM is to promote Malaysian English bands overseas and WE HAVE DONE THAT!! Without any Sponsors, not what we wanted to do, but we had a mission and we completed it.

What has PAKU acheived?

1st Malaysian Band to Ever do a UK Tour.

Malaysian Band to be on and do a LIVE Set on British National Radio (BBC Radio Wales)

Malaysian Band to Ever do a show in Wales and Northern Ireland.

Band ever to be allowed to be introduced on a Premiership football pitch and have their song INSOMNIAC played at the same time.( INSOMNIAC has been played at every league and European game at Newcastle United FC since February)

promoted to over 5 million listeners on the BBC Radio Wales and CITY BEAT Northern Ireand.
Lastly and more important PEOPLE IN THE UNITED KINGDOM LIKE PAKU and their MUSIC!!! that should give the imputus for other bands to come across here and investment from their companies!!

OUR tour has helped to promote Malaysian Music and the Country of Malaysia. " The POWER of Music to cross any borders and unite people as ONE!!"

We still need your support and if there is any Sponsors out there? WE HAVE PROVED WHAT WE CAN DO. We need your help now for our Future Projects.

PAKU finally had a days rest and we moved up to London and they spent one day sight seeing and on the Sunday we it was time to make our way home.

What was to be a simple journey back home that would have taken around 15 hours became a Nightmare(it took us 3 days to get home). A plane had crashed on the runway in Dubai and we had to be diverted to Abu Dhabi and then we were left stranded in Dubai Airport and then subjected to inefficiency by the EMIRATE AIRLINES as they treated us like Mushrooms, left in the dark and fed on ****!!
As they did not have a Scooby DO what to do!!
I know it was an Emergency situation, however apart from the Ticketing and Catering staff that fed us when we could get food? Everything was very badly handled.

We finally arrived at Portchester Castle just outside Portsmouth in the very early hours of the morning, however that did not deter PAKU from doing one last Gig at The CORMORANT PUB.

On the 8 March we had to say farewell to all our friends in Belfast who made our visit a very special time and we wish once again everyone that helped us a Very Special Thank You, Until Next Time!!! 

Lastly Dave if you are looking THANKS!!

So we made our long journey way back to Portsmouth in Southern England, a very long 710miles!!!

Our final day spent in Belfast was to close withan Acoustic Set by PAKU in LAVERYS BAR in Central Belfast and once again they made a lot of new friends on a historic Election Day.

After a great day of sight seeing and the band doing some recording it was time to ROCK & ROLL!!!

The Show was at McKRACKENS BAR at Joy Lane Befast city Centre. 

THRONES OF ROLL started the night off with an electrifying set that set the tone for the rest of the night.

PAKU then took the stage and gave a taste of what they could do and it was GREAT!!! the crowd loved it so much they had to do an ENCORE!!! More!!! No not Gary Moore!! PAKU!!!

Yes they came back on for another set. This Time RIZ did a walk about..............Along the Top of Mckrackens Bar !!! Now that is what i call ROCK & ROLL!!! 

It Pleased the crowd so much we had a jamming session between both bands!!

All the venues we played at, everyone that heard PAKU Loved them, amazing what the "Power of Music can cross any borders to unite people as One".

Once again Thanks You go out to Tom, Tony, Dean, Helen, Phil, Glen, Monty and Paul( x Thin Lizzy Road Crew!!) and Mckrackens for having us and everyone else who helped out!!

Tuesday 6 March PAKU went to THE CELLARS to do some recordings at their Studio while the rest of us went sight seeing at THE GIANT CAUSEWAY, DUNLUCE CASTLE and BUSHMILLS for a tipple!!

After a very stormy night when gale force winds sweeped through the UK causing 3 deaths we made our way to Cairnryan Scotland and crossed the Irish sea on a very rough day and landed in Larne Northern island. 

We arrived in Belfast City on a wet and rainy day at the Belfast International Youth Hostel.

In the evening we then went to THE QUEENS CAFE for a "Meet and Greet" hosted by Tony and Tom from SONIC MOUSE and Dean form THE CELLARS. We also meet THRONES OF ROLL who PAKU will do a show with the next night. The gloomness of the day was taken away by the friendliness of our Hosts.

Refreshments were also supplied by BUDWEISER many thanks to them and CHEERS!!!

The next stop for PAKU is Edinburgh and they ROCKED the City at WHISTLEBINKIES Bar and they did a great show that was supported by Malaysian Students from Edinburgh University.

Thanks goes out to Gaz, Alan,Chris, Jim and all the other staff at Whistlebinkies.

Today is 3rd March 07 and PAKU are VVIPs at the home derby between NEWCASTLE UNITED FC v MIDDLESBOROUGH.

PAKU were introduced on the Pitch and had their song INSOMNIAC played to 52,300 football fans, the 1st
time any band has had this done at a Premiership Football game. By the way INSOMNIAC has been played at every home and European Championship game at Newcastle since February!!! over 240,000 people have heard their song!!

If that was not good enough we all met England, Liverpool and Newcastle LEGEND

And i got to meet SCOTT PARKER Newcastle Captain as well!!

Unlike other bands that have to have visual effects and dream about being in a Premiership Stadium

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to WARREN and everyone at Newcastle United FC that helped to make our day a FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE!!

The next day we travelled 400 miles to the North East of England to place called Seaton in Whitley Bay made famous by a Film called "GOAL" we stayed here overnight before we went to Newcastle United FC. 

Our St. David Day show was Great!! Great sets from El Condor Paso and Captain Insano at the MONKEY CAFE SWANSEA. Many thanks to RIC at EXCITE CLOTHING for putting on the show and to TSUEN and all the Malaysian students who turned up to Support us!!

Check out the Venue!!!

Today the 28 February 2007 is a Historic Day for Malaysian Independant Music, as this is the start of our TOUR of the UNITED KINGDOM!!

Hours after anding at London Heathrow Airport we travelled 210miles to Cardiff and were Interviewed on the Adam Walton Show on BBC RADIO WALES.

PAKU then did a LIVE Acoustic set that was heard by over 3million radio listeners in Britain!!The 1st
time any Malaysian band has Ever been on British National Radio.

A Big Thank You goes out to CHRIS, ANGELA and KEN at BBC Radio Wales.

We then made our way in our Mobile homes to the Gower Penisula a area of Natural Beauty just outside Swansea Wales. 

Welcome to our new EVENTS Page. Our old one which is now our Archives appears to have been hacked into or some form of skull duggery!! All our old stuff is there however the pictures are below the TEXT.