SPARTAN FC is now into its 10th year and was formed to realise the dreams of a group of young children who live in and around the villages of Kampung Pandan, Sri Rampai, Taman Cheras, Hulu Langat and other surburbs of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, within sight of one of the wonders of the modern world " The Petronas Twin Towers". The children from these area's did not belong to, could not afford to join any football club due to various reasons. They wanted to get training, play football matches and enter competitions, however there was no opportunity for them .

          We then decided to step in with help from our friends and volunteers to help these boys realise their dreams. In August 2009 we organised and formed a football team called SPARTAN FC. We organised training sessions for them every Sunday, we provided all the training equipment and football shirts and boots as some of the lads use to play shoeless as a majority of the boys came from below average income families and we have now progressed to having a Home and Away football kit, the boys now can say they belong to a team, a simple thing like wearing a uniform has made such a difference in the way they view life, that team uniform has given them confidence, a belonging to something very special that they can call their own and given them the imputus to aspire to greater levels, which no one before was willing to give them, a chance to show what they could accomplish.

 We started with only 10 boys and now we have helped over 500 boys, from the ages of 7-16 years old.

Boys who have never won anything in theirs lives have won 3 competitions

Those who have never left the City of Kuala Lumpur have left the Inner city and visited 6 states of their country
97% of the boys never owned a passport or even flown on a airplane, they have now travelled to Thailand and Singapore where they played in tournaments against International teams from England, Japan, Korea, France, Germany, Singapore,Thailand, Indonesia and Australia.

They have played over 400 football matches, they have travelled over 20,000kms
Met 1,000s of new friends locally and internationally through the football matches

They are known in hundreds of citys and countries around the world through this website and have been promoted locally on National Television and Tabloids to over 20 million people
We have helped to instill discipline, commitment, determination and team work, we provided the tools, the boys provided the rest, it shows what can be done to help these boys from the local communities achieve their dreams

 we have expanded their mind set as a result of them meeting and playing against x-pat teams and they get to know more people who are from different countries, cultures and religions and also people get to know them and their culture and religion where borders can be crossed and friendship can be made through Sport.

What matters most is we have shown the boys what they can achieve through sport and this will give them the momentum to achieve anything they have set their minds to do in their future lives.

2012 promises to be full of surprises and with a little help we will be organising more events for the boys, the U14s are scheduled to participate in the Cardiff City 1Malaysia National Junior League where the highlights are televised locally and overseas 4 times a week going out to millions of people in the Asia region on Astro Satellite TV. We are also going to be affiliated and supported by AFC Wimbledon a 2nd Division football club from the English Football League they will "Help and Support to Inspire" our boys to reach their potential. 

         Spartan FC is now a Registered Non-Profit Club recognised by the National Sports Council of Malaysia and we are affliated to the Kuala Lumpur Football Association. Our Mission for 2012 is to establish the Club, we need Sponsorship so we can then help the existing boys and more new boys achieve their dreams. We also want to travel further to other countries. Through team sport the boys have learnt how to be team players and how to be good sportsmen through fair competition and play and they have taken the first steps by meeting and making new friends that could last a lifetime.Through Sport they have developed the qualities that helps a child become a confident and discipline individual with a desire that will lead to a successful adult life. 

As Education and Employment are great tools to help the less fortunate help themselves, Sport plays an Essential part in the development of a young childs life, as it helps to keep them fit and direct their energies in the right direction and not as an outcast in society. 

 If you like what we are doing, maybe you can help us or know anyone who can help Sponsor us please get in contact with us with the links mentioned below. Help and Sponsor a worthwhile cause by giving our boys the chance to achieve their Full Potential.

Like Music, Sport crosses all borders and Unite people in a common goal!!

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         Have a Great Day!! 

         Alan and Ainniee






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